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How do you pick your poison?

Decaf. I drink decaf coffee now. Ever since my early January 14-day liver cleanse (that restricted on all things holy), I have kept myself caffeine-free. And I feel epic.

But apparently decaf contains roofing tar, or laundry detergent, or some sludge full of nasty, nasty chemicals. This is according to a wildly opinionated woman who decided to share with me (over my decaf coffee) just how noxious decaf really is. I stared at her and her puffy hair and decided to bite my defensive tongue. But what I was screaming on the inside was: We all pick our poisons, honey.

There are just too many damn choices, organic/non, pharmaceuticals/natural, exercise/no, asshole/saint, smoke/no, drink/no/how much/is that bad. I mean, we can’t do everything perfect all the time. Financial and practical constraints disable us from enjoying and repelling exactly the right concoction of poison/nourishment. And ignorance? Who remembers when low-carb was THE weight loss method…? Right?

So in this world of options and opinions… how do you pick your poison?

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  1. jacquelinemercedes answered: i applaud you and your poison cup of decaf coffee ;)
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